Getting into the Swing

I have been wondering what sort of tone I should set for these posts. I admit that the main thrust of this site is not blogging but sharing my writing. So, I think I will shoot for a sort of informal log. A captain’s log of sorts…

I was sharing a piece I had posted to Essays & Reflections I called Whispers from the Shadows with my mother. I had written it after a breakup. (Don’t let the history color your reading of it; I was merely trying to capture the emotion.) She immediately wanted to share a song she had heard that she felt “hit the emotions.” She had thought of me when she heard it.


The artist talks about his own personal meaning connected with the song and the loss he suffered. He mentioned how he was jealous of his departed friend’s happiness in heaven, a happiness currently separate from him.

Pain has a way of either making us stronger or destroying us. When I wrote Whispers from the Shadows it was very nearly a prayer I was saying. I know in pains I have suffered before, physical and emotional, whereas it could seem like I was deserted by God, refection revealed His hand throughout.


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