My Strength

I was alone in the dressing room pulling off my shirt. Today I felt cold; I was tired; just wanted stay home and sleep. Maybe you’ll understand this, maybe not, but I had to go today. I was getting ready for jujitsu. In my backpack I had stored my uniform, we call it a gi, and I stood there shivering as my mind whirled like a storm trying to figure if I was mad for doing this.

What’s one class worth? Just go home, say you’re not feeling well. It was true, I felt poorly. I thought of the warm up: a few laps intermingled with push-ups, practice some shoulder rolls, a few other things, but always our ultimate exercise before class really began was the dreaded sidewinder.

A sidewinder, at least in jujitsu, is where you lie on your back in a crunched position pull your shoulders off the ground and throw them forward by quickly contorting so that you can then roll back onto them and throw your hips forward in the same way. By so doing you sort of “walk” on your shoulders and hips down the mat.

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  1. I was thinking about this just today! The oddly explainable aspect of God’s supernatural work in my life. Sometimes I pray for peace, and the connotation is a supernatural, unexplainable rush of tingles all over my body that drowns out the fear I am feeling. So today, I was given the thought that maybe God’s idea of peace is that we learn to be confident in His constant involvement in our lives. It’s a logical conclusion that leads to peace (a kind of peace that doesn’t get rid of the weight of responsibility but rather makes it more bearable) instead of an unexplainable peace that does not allow for our own personal growth. Sometimes we are stubborn though, and because God cares about us, He gives us the peace we need temporarily. However, I think that He would prefer we find it ourselves, because He always offers it if we would only remember why there is no need to fear. He is always with us.


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