The Ultimatum

Are you ready?

It’s sort of a daunting inquiry. Are you ready for the exam? You’ve studied, you’ve made it to the office hours, but that fear ever haunts the back of your mind as you lie awake the night before midterms.

Are you ready?

Do you dream? Will the night terrors have you standing in front of your class clad in nothing but your undergarments, if that? Do you suddenly discover you’ve studied the wrong material? Can you not find your classroom?

Are you ready?

In these cases fear has this duality of being both a help and a hindrance, a friend and an ally. It spurs us onward, and it also petrifies. We are at once in need of fear and yet need freed from it. It is a leash leading us to action and a chain retarding our progression.

Are you ready?

Those words affect us differently. To some it is a reminder of what must be done before the darkness of night settles. A scent of life. To others it becomes an unapproachable terror. The scent of death.

Are you ready?

Christ and his gospel is this question to the ultimate degree. Are you ready for the end of the world? To some it is the scent of life leading to life; to others, decay leading to death. The final is coming soon, when you least expect it.

Are you ready?

DC Talk: Spirit in The Sky


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