Mother’s Mistakes

In preparation for mother’s day I would like to take some time to remember one of my mom’s greatest mistakes. I was watching a cartoon, being around seven or ten years old, and the villain had unleashed demons upon the heroes who were fleeing Russia by rail. It was tense; the devils had taken out the bridge and any hope of pulling the breaks. I am sure that I screamed as the train approached that terrible plummet. Under my blanket I watched breathlessly as, it was then my loving mother turned off the TV.

“This is too scary for you,” she had said, and condemned me to live the rest of my life in utter suspense. My mom denies all this, of course. The truth was that not knowing what happened next engendered far worse fears than that which I was experiencing. More and more, I thought, the evil wizard must have won. (Rasputin haunted my dreams thereafter.)

What a beautiful movie. It may have taken me a decade, but I finally got the gumption and watched Anastasia. If you can handle a children’s cartoon, a musical on top of that, give this one a hit.

But one more thing about my mother, Dr. Freud. This she doesn’t deny. Everyday after school, during those hot days before Summer, as she would drive me home, I would take the time to carefully adjust the air conditioner so that it’s cool stream would blow into my face. It might take me a good five minutes to get it just right. I don’t want the air in my eyes; want to make sure it’s centered so that I can move without loosing the refreshing breeze.

As soon as I stopped fiddling with the vents a hand would descend and “readjust” everything I had worked so hard on. And she wonders why I quote Ecclesiastes at her all the time. She said it was to make sure that the air was getting on me, obviously all my tinkering had been in effort not to obtain such a goal

I love my mom, and I look back on these stories with a smile. She was always trying to help me, she just made a few mistakes now and again.


My mom told me I could say this.


Don’t tell her I watched the movie.


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