Don’t Panic!

There is a pernicious assumption that two thousand years ago one man was nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change. (Douglas Adams)

It’s part of a general belief that the main goal of religion is to make the world better. A falsity, at least where Christianity is concerned. Christ did not come to bring peace to the earth, but, in my understanding, he came to call us from the world. The message of Christianity seems ridiculous under this prerogative of making nice. “Come and follow me. Everyone will hate you as they hated me. Rejoice!”

The peace, the niceness, this world wants is superficial at best and cancerous at worst. For, it is like painting the outside of a rotting and collapsing home. Christ did not come to tell us what color would be best to use, but to tell us to get out of the house.

It is not about making the world better, it is about making you. Christianity is unique in not trying to shove some rules in your face so you can earn a place in heaven. It looks at you and says, “Wow, you screwed up big time. Come inside. Let’s get you cleaned up.” And as the mud and filth comes off your face you can then begin to see the creation God meant you to be.

Along the same vein: Man or Rabbit?



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