The Way

As finals make their dreadful approach the wayward blogger finds himself surrounded by hordes of enemy homework. Armed with unrealistic due dates they tear asunder his resolve, the resolution to make a post a day. Laughing, the wayfarer writes—perhaps his mind is gone—cracking jokes about the situation.

“College is stupid,” he challenges. “They don’t get paid for teaching me, they get paid for accrediting me. Anything useful I can learn will be found in work experience.”

Humbug dumb mug
Happy should be
the college seat.

Your time to live,
for tomorrow
you wake up old.

Spend your life now.
Don’t count the cost
you can’t afford.

This is a prison with bars of debt, a tiger I unwisely bestrode and now dare not dismount for its terrible teeth. But in faith I see a star and set my course by it. I commend my fate unto a higher power, and do the best I can, praying for all mercy.

Step by step, it seems, my path must be tread, and made into a man, not in a day or year, but in an instant’s realization that I have arrived. After long journey I will come to myself. Am I a writer? An engineer? A martial arts geek? The future’s veil will unfold. For now I journey onward after this star, a course hewn of passions, fraught with labor, and taken for the promise of uncounted bliss.

I make my way,
my way makes me,
this path of God.

Tired and spent the blogger rests.


Sorry this post is a little weird. Methinks myself troubled by want of sleep. My bed is the remedy.


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