Wonder Woman Review

~Mild Spoilers~

Wonder Woman is an extraordinary movie. It brings up a question: How do we face the inherent depravity of the human condition? Certain viewpoints are espoused at the onset. One, there is an evil and destroying force making men bad who would otherwise be good. Or two, mankind is irredeemably wicked and this destructive force is good.

But throughout the narrative an underlying truth is exemplified again and again, the imperfect hero. A thief, a liar, a murderer, but a hero nonetheless. Those who come to Wonder Woman’s aid are driven by gain, war profiteers and mercenaries, but honest men willing to crawl through the mud. Men are bad, it is true. Men are good, it is also true. A duality.

At a certain point, Wonder Woman is tempted by, what I believe to be, the embodiment of destructive force. It doesn’t make men bad, it doesn’t necessarily tempt men. It simply gives them power to destroy one another. Wonder Woman has to then wrestle with the real issue: Mankind does not deserve salvation.

I don’t want to tell you what answer she discovers, but it is the right answer. I think this movie may be a great film, one that will deserve accolades from generations for its unified and artistically crafted themes. Go see it, and when you do, at least learn this much from it. You are not as good as you think you are.

Look in the mirror and realize the whole problem of humanity is being played out in miniature within you. Virtue is reflected, and it can be laid down in the service of God, or seized and abused by selfish desire. You are not crawling through the mud, you are mud, but that is only half of the story. You are mud, but, as Wonder Woman discovers, you are a god.

And the answer is in this movie, the path to rectify our situation, and the reason why salvation has come for us. It is remarkable that it took an Israeli playing a Greek goddess to portray such a Christian tale.


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