Pentecost (6/4/2017)

Happy Pentecost Sunday to all my brothers and sisters. Wait on God and he shall renew you.

Random thoughts:

  • As I head into dead week, and then finals, I know my strength is of the Lord.
  • Currently my campus is engaging in riots, that will be o so fun.
  • I am approaching Senor year, and feel so bedraggled by school I don’t care about a career or work or anything. I just want to be done.
  • I have a loving and supporting family helping me through all this.

Pentecost is a time to focus on the Holy Spirit working in us as Christians. I was listening to an audio account of Ananias and Sapphira this morning. They thought to lie to God, and hold back a portion of money they had made by selling some property. It didn’t end well for them.

So, is there anything you’re not completely forthright about? Now that you’ve given your all to God is there anything, some secret part in you, that you want to hold back? Don’t. Give it to God. Give Him your good and bad, give it all. Hold nothing back.

May God’s grace and mercy see us through the hard times ahead, and let us not forget Him for the blessings He bestows.



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