The End of a Term

Jubilation! I have finished my last final. It is time to relax a moment. (Self-satisfied sigh.)

There is a whole week looking me in the face without a single homework assignment to worry about, and I love it. Normally, it would take me about two days to fall into boredom, but this time my wayfaring sister—the I-will-plan-out-our-entire-week-down-to-the-hour sister—has come home. She will definitely keep me on my toes.

I hope this coming week I will be able to finish up that sci-fi I’ve been working on, as well as post a few more short stories. It’s been an incredible experience blogging and I look forward to growing my readership.

And yet, amid all my excitement, a darker undertone festers. Today I learned that some poor loon got worked up enough to attempt to massacre a group of Republicans. Being a conservative in a mostly liberal society always makes one feel unsafe to spout one’s views, and now I wonder if one of the many schizophrenic homeless wanderers, liberal cities just love to have some homeless people around, will decide that I should die because I voted for Trump.

Every day I hear some allusion to killing Trump, or an indistinguishable array of curses littered with the words Trump and Jews, or I just witness the average everyday graffiti saying f**k Trump. Today made me wonder if these threats were as empty as I had hoped.

But I am smiling, because I have a week off with my sister. Life doesn’t have time for such fears. And I am praying, because I know only by His grace will our divided country survive.


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