Father’s Heart

~Mild Spoilers~

I finally got my dad to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this week. He loved it. I talked about this movie in my post, the Father’s Redemption. It was fun to see again, and made a little more sense this time. One of the things I really appreciate about this film is its use of music. I’m not one to really grasp songs, and most of the “mixtape” is novel to me.

But sounds I would normally find annoying are turned into wonderful pieces of art, and I get it. I feel whatever it is that’s in the music. (You might even see me dancing a little. Don’t tell Drax.) One point I love is when Peter faces Ego and the opening strumming of The Chain plays.

I think that’s when Peter decides what sort of “dad” he is going to be. Ego, the controlling authoritarian who is unhappy until all is him, or Yondu, the flawed pirate who gives his life for his son. Peter is not going to play god anymore, and battles his ego for the good of his family.

Like understanding music, this is done with the heart.


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