The Logos

What is the purpose of a man? A table is made to hold things, and a chair to sit on, but what is a man to do with his three score and ten? Man finds in himself two natures, a spiritual and a physical, that both seek an answer to this question.

Neither can satisfy the other’s needs. The physical desires comfort and security, while the spiritual wants growth and challenge. The physical calls for a feast and debauchery, but the spiritual demands a fast and complete self-denial.

Amid all this internal bickering, man tries to find meaning. In the end, this will have to reconcile our duel nature, fulfilling the needs of each.

This reason that man searches for is often called the logos, and that was the term the apostle John used when describing Jesus Christ. In the strange mystery of the Eucharist, Christ becomes both our physical and spiritual bread, the source of our being.

To the spiritual, He is the pattern by which we die, and to the physical, He is the life we so desperately crave. Only in Him can our warring factions come into alignment. In Jesus, we can find meaning.



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