Wolf Head: Transformation

Already, the air grows thick with the heat of the moon. Upon the horizon the deadly red glow begins. Tachi hears the hunter’s plaintive gasps at every step. By the time they pass the threshold she is nearly dragging him. Turning back and forth, the priestess looks for any coverings. Her own cloak, it was resting in the corner, is missing. “Daniel,” she spits.

Richard lies on the floor wheezing, holding his ribs. He points to the window. Tachi turns and looks out at the hillside. The deadly red wall of light crawls towards them. Turning back to Richard she sees that he’s pointing lower now, his gaze falling on the bed. Picking up the straw cot, the priestess leans it against the wall.

It works, mostly, but they still have the door to contend with. Made of wicker, it poses little obstacle to the deadly rays of moonlight. Behind her, the cot starts to sizzle. The room is completely bare. Tachi feels a quick pain in her hand. Jumping to the side she clutches the burned finger to her mouth. Shining through the ceiling a dot of red is cast upon the floor where she was standing. Gliding along the ground, it slowly approaches Richard.

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Wolf Head
Part   1: The Job
Part   2: Foreboding
Part   3: Aftermath
Part   4: Into the Night
Part   5: The Struggle
Part   6: Expelled
Part   7: Out From the Bones
Part   8: Respite
Part   9: Sunset
Part 10: Transformation

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