College the Dragon

It has been a long day, but I have come to this conclusion: I hate going to college. On the one hand, as I head off to class my stomach starts twisting itself into knots, and I feel bile at the back of my throat. My skin too, burns, and I am covered in a sickly sweat. That, at least, describes my physical response to college.

What really troubles me are the contortions my mind, like some side act in a carnival freak show, gets itself into. For the whole day, it seems, I’ve been battling violent repulsive thoughts. Where do they come from, I wonder.

All I want to do is turn away from this dragon, but his treasure urges me onward. Less and less do I love the future I am fighting for, yet, more and more, I fear not having it. Why do all treasures have dragons guarding them? Calling for help, I’m told to ask elsewhere. This is a world of problems, not solutions. Can this blackness get darker still? How far down this pit have I traveled?



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