Don’t Be a Clown

What do you want?

We are all our own genie spending one life, and in that dash from cradle to grave, granting one wish. So, what are you wishing for? Not, “What are you dreaming of,” but, “What have you done? Where are you heading? What have you achieved?” is the question. An unconscious oar may steer your ship to lands full of dread and regret, or simply send it out to sea, never to find a harbor. Is this where you want to go?

What do you want?

This question is like an alarm, growing louder, breaking into gentle morning dreams. Demanding a response, it won’t be hushed without a price. How shall it be answered? By timid, unsure silence nothing good can come. By the wrong answer, Hell.

What do you want?

The scariest part is coming to an answer, and finding the reply, dreading the reply, No. Perhaps, this fear mutes many. But far worse than that, wasting life for something you never really wanted, to make the wish for Leah rather than Rachel.

What do you want?

There is a very moving song called, Send in the Clowns. It is full of regret; people finally knowing their answer, but finding it too late. The characters see what a fool, what a clown, they have been. At this realization the song asks, “Don’t you love farce?”

What do you want?

When you are driving, look where you are going, because where you’re looking is where you’re going. The small changes along the way will be dealt with, but you have to know where you want to go. Don’t be a clown.

What do you want?



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