Wolf Head: The Wolf

The priestess, mud still dripping from her white undergarments, contorts her face in horror. Before Richard can think, he hears the wicker door fly open, and the world turns read. The heat builds, not because of the blazing crimson moonbeams burning him from heaven, but a fire swelling under his flesh. Every inch of his skin itches as little grey hairs begin sprouting like a coat covering his entire body.

Trembling, his knees buckle, and the hunter collapses upon all fours. Beneath him, the smooth floor shrinks. A fog rolls over his mind filling his imagination with a rage to match the heat boiling under his skin. Without will, it grows within him, threatening to burst.

In his line of sight stands the priestess, the cot draped around her. His mind’s eye sees himself springing toward her, and venting all this newfound bloodlust upon the frightened girl. No, his fainting humanity shouts as if from across a chasm, an echo hardly there. Before the confused thoughts settle on an action, he hears a gasp from behind.

Twisting around, Richard shouts to the ceiling letting all the building fury out toward the man who opened the deadly door. Or, he means to shout. What follows is an animal’s howl, a not wholly unfamiliar wolf’s cry. Before him, Daniel faints, falling backward onto the street. The rotund creature smells sweet with fearful sweat. The wolf reaches out to pin its prey under a paw. Catching a bit of Daniel’s tunic, the monster enjoys the morsel’s squealing fruitless scurry.

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Wolf Head
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Part   9: Sunset
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Part 11: The Shepherd
Part 12: The Party
Part 13: The Wolf


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