Everyone can enjoy good oxymorons. They are immediately funny, an obvious disconnect, and yet the beautiful thing about them is how true they can be, how descriptive of reality. This pairing of opposites, combinations that logically seem impossible, is a tool to explain this universe of experience. An example that stands out above the rest, an oxymoron so seated in our culture that we rarely recognize it as anything but a grade or position, is the term sophomore.

Sophomore, is a conjunction of the Greek words for wise and foolish, and it is on this note that I remember many arguments I’ve found myself in. Like the feet of clay and iron in the book of Daniel, I’ve contradictorily been right and wrong, reasonable and unreasonable, wise and foolish, all at once. And on no topic is this tendency—I look back laughing and crying at how sophomoric my friends and I have been on this issue—of being both dull and sharp brought out in such clarity than in discussing God.

Read the full story here: Sophomore


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