Wolf Head: Partners

Waking up, Richard shivers on the cold uneven cave floor. Wildly, his eyes try to pierce the impenetrable darkness. Sitting up, he turns his head back and forth, searching for any light as the memories slowly reveal themselves. He remembers the pigs first, their squealing cries as he swallowed one after the other. How many were there, five or seven?

Then the priestess, she was there, did he hurt her? He can’t remember. Who was that obstinate man, the one who opened the door? Growling, Richard feels a touch of the wolf’s rage within him. Images flash in his mind of searching him out, hunting him. He sees the fat man running for his life, screaming in terror, and imagines himself bounding after the man on all fours.

Shaking, Richard tries to shove the image of himself as a wolf from his mind. Another memory flashes, different. It’s dark, he can’t see anything, but knows by sound and scent the whole story. His twitching muscles seem to be replaying the hunt as he relives the night’s revelries.

Entering the cave, there was something he wanted, not food, something. He raced in, listening for anything, even the slightest intake of breath. Bounding forward into the thick night, this creature—Richard senses the creature even now slumbering inside him, drowsily watching him as a man might watch an ant—sought out the pale cave dwellers.



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Wolf Head
Part   1: The Job
Part   2: Foreboding
Part   3: Aftermath
Part   4: Into the Night
Part   5: The Struggle
Part   6: Expelled
Part   7: Out From the Bones
Part   8: Respite
Part   9: Sunset
Part 10: Transformation
Part 11: The Shepherd
Part 12: The Party
Part 13: The Wolf
Part 14: Partners


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