The Doll

Hey, I have had these two characters and this scene in my head for some time now, but never had a story for them. Please enjoy:

The gruff man downs the ale in seconds, throwing the mug over his head in a swift motion. The slurping sounds of a hollow stein soon echoes in his cup. Slamming this upon the counter, he pants for air, twin streams of the bitter running down the sides of his unkempt beard. Turning, he hoists his strange pack onto a shoulder, and shambles out the door.

It was, perhaps, unwise to patronize the establishment. Surely this wayfarer, thought the other costumers, would likely as not possess something of value in his strange pack. Not to share would be a crime against democracy, seeing as they had all silently voted his goods their public resources.

And so it occurred that though he had come and gone, the shortness of his stay making it seem before a minute passed, consequences of this quick respite followed him onto a deserted road.

Finding himself once again in the company of these rogues—recognizing one of them by his build and gait, for they were democratically masked—the gruff man laughed. Easing his bag onto the unattended and scattered cobblestone before him, he subtly drew back his hand so as to undo the knot.

The thick bag unraveled like a blooming flower displaying its hidden treasures. A bald dome, skin soft as a baby and having not the roughness of a man, peaked through. As the surrounding cloth fell, the thing’s face was revealed. Expressionless, like a doll, the glazed eyes seemed blind to all around it. The naked body was soon uncovered, its pink skin almost bright for its color. The thing didn’t show any signs of alarm, either at awakening to the band of highwaymen, or to the icy air of winter which caused all around to bundle themselves in uncounted layers to stave off the cold. It didn’t shiver or move.

The thing was fully revealed now, sitting upon the weathered canvas material that once housed it. It was something of the size and shape of a young man before he gains muscle tone, fatty in places, but not so much as to make it appear fat.

“Bon apatite,” the gruff man bid.

The surrounding area enjoyed a significant drop in the crime rate.



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