The Last Star

So I’m sick, and I don’t really want to write much of anything tonight. (Rummaging through my old files searching for something I haven’t already posted.)

I have more of the DONT FEED THE ZOMBIES story, but it’s not finished yet. I’m sure I have a bad poem lying around somewhere: nobody notices if a contemporary poem is bad, right? (Picks up a musty piece of paper without a name or date on it.) Did I write this one? I don’t remember. Why would it be in my files if I didn’t write it? Hmm. . . it’s not bad.

By Dr. Agonson
(I think…)

The last star burned bright,
A guardian in the night.
The soulless shadows crept further in.
All the darkness grinned.

“The light wanes,” said they.
“Our time renewed to prey”

The light still fades away;
There is no way to make it stay.
Goodbye stars and suns,
Goodbye all that was fun.

“We are coming” says the night.
“All will die at the end of this star’s plight”

As the darkness waits
The star begins to quake.
Light will burn and go out,
Then darkness will be about.

The last star burned bright
Challenging the night.


Oh yeah, check out Open Link Night hosted on dVers~ Poet’s Pub.


And here’s some music. Why? because I’m sick and I’m going to do what I like. So there.



  1. Sweet celestial ditty! My favorite part was this whimsy:

    Goodbye stars and suns,
    Goodbye all that was fun.
    (Those lines reminded me of the children’s book, “Goodnight Moon.”)

    I’ve brought you some soup 🍵 and beer 🍺. Get better! I also have a surprise for you that I’ll post this weekend. Hey, don’t get excited, okay? — I don’t want your temperature to skyrocket again. It’s just a wittle surprise 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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