Reason for Joy

So, I tried to explain Thanksgiving to two international students today. I strove, I hope with success, to remove all politics from the conversation. They made a comment that they might get some turkey for the evening, talk to family. These were of course good things, but not the heart of the holiday.

It seems so simple—perhaps that’s why it’s so hard to express—but it is right in the name, Thanksgiving.

I am inarticulate at times, and this was one of them. Add on top of everything the language barrier, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought I was telling them to spend all their savings on a big holiday spread.

What I should have said, what I tried to say, was that it’s about being thankful, rejoicing. But try as I might, something caught my tongue. I was telling them to be thankful, but floundering in expressing why.

So I’ll say why I’m thankful, why through all of life’s muck mine is joy, and that’s my redemption. I think it’s often the worst of us, those who fail hardest, who see they need help. I am thankful beyond words that this little broken man can be put together by a God who was broken for me. There’s my joy: I was unlovable, and yet He loved me.




This video hits some good points about what I was trying to say to my colleagues.


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