The Werewolf Epic (What Big Eyes)

Read: The Werewolf Epic

The addition:

______________________________. . .So how has he
now like a puppet rendered you, and put
upon himself your skin? You shared your bed,
and cooked the hunt he caught, yet still you knew
what machinations rested in his heart.
So daughter saved; but she offspring returns,
and on the sunny path sending virgin
—who meekly blushing at the charms heaven
matures, as like a prince bestowing gifts
upon his lady fair, in part to hide,
in part to flaunt, dons crimson cloak,
beauty budding, a strange horror and joy,
obscured beneath eye-catching folds—does doom.
And there upon the threshold softly stands
the girl, her womanhood discovering.
As if forewarned, by some foul scent, the wolf,
she stays between shadows and light. Looking
before, and gazing aft, to steel resolve
to either come inside or leave the way
she came, tightly about her shoulders draws
the titular red colored, hooded cape.
You beckon her, at his bidding, into
darkness, into secluded forest hut.
And so approaching, by that dim candle
seeing her face contort, you hear her speak:


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