Update: The Eyes of God

Check out the update to The Eyes of God:

“Am I mad? Has reason abandoned me that I now consort with fowl? Perhaps I still within the knotted roots of death, in those final throes, envision your black pinions, or better yet alive, not well, wander about in perpetual insanity. You take me from my path, Oraculi, but where do you lead?”

“To the Mountain.”

“Who was the man whose tongue you ate?” I questioned then, and he this tale related.

“Near the Mountain, not far from here, a city lies. The holy darkness, the infinite mystery of impenetrable black clouds encircling that craggy top, shadows perpetually the valley below. No day, but only night, the denizens know. Yet with a lantern, this man unblinded the city. Know then, their displeasure and pain when light touched their eyes. He would not relent, and going about the streets revealed what could be seen. To the town’s outskirts one night they dragged him, and hanged him in this tree. His body into the river fell, but now the river’s dry.

“This rope . . . ” I say.

“The foul tool of murder.”

“This rope . . . ”

“The means of your salvation.”


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