I’m Here

After days of driving through many a diverse state, traversing long dusty roads, I’m with my family again. Apart from you, my loved siter and brother, I’m less than whole.

What joy I’ve found in seeing your face again; how pallid to have only your voice for months on end, but now relief–we hold each other in our arms.

Tomorrow, through the sun’s burning brightness, will we recall our idle schoolyard days.

Now I, and thee, and we, all dream of sleep, longing for bed. All talk must cease.

The past is but a whisper; my dreams I’ll soon forget; this is my hopeful future: that nothing we’ll regret.



  1. Wonderful! (Technically, though, probably should spell out sighter (with the gh), unless you’re talking about someone who creates or visits sites, in which case I didn’t get the poem at all!)


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