Update: The Eyes of God

Check out the update to The Eyes of God:

The company, with this hush fallen over, each procured their arms. One grabbed for a club that had been by his feet, and he leveled this across his lap. Uneasy fingers mindlessly explored the rivets and spikes stuck within the worn wood. Beside him, another man reached for his belt, and from it readied a glinting hatchet that with the fire’s flickering dance reflected upon the polished head seemed animate in his hand, eager and alive. The last of them had his weapon ready, which strangely seemed a net, a weave weighted by stones and knots. It should be said of them that all were uniformed. I saw the three in similar colors, a pale off white robe, and about their heads were their hoods drawn, as if to hide their faces.

A new chill assaulted me, displacing the pleasant cold of the water. What should these men fear? I wondered.  


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