An Odd Poem: Directions to Hades

Thought to play around with rhythm and rhyme. Please enjoy.

Let me tell you the way unto Necropolis:
While his breath still remains a man may walk those streets
meant for souls, fading shades, where lowly and elites
are all gathered below, a place called the Abyss.
In the cold mountain tops lies hidden Cavern Pass
where the infinite twisted forks belay reason.
Take the paths where your shadow falls Nielsen;
it will lead you unto waters as clear as glass.

Down this stream you must go
‘till it meets with the Styx.
You must jump in the flow
or else join in the mix
of those souls on that shore
with their oboli raised
to that god who cares more
for his coins than if praised.

The way outlined herein
can wash you clean of sin—
the dusty road of death
need not cost you your breath.
If down you can descend,
then hope you may ascend.
You will bring back with you
a power known by few.

The rhythm of the first body starts with something of two anapests followed by three iambs.


The lines of the second body are made up of just two anapests.


And finally, the last body is made up of a count of eight three iambs lines.


And the inspiration for all this:


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