Wolf Head: High Noon

Check out the latest installment of Wolf Head:
High Noon

Here is a snippet of the Chapter:

And as it were lightening, the hunter brings his sword between them, the steel puncturing the chest, driving through the monster’s sinews and organs, wetting itself on the viscous black blood. The momentum pulls the sword from Stanley’s hand as the giant body falls into the dust beside him.

The moon trees, their terrible pollen, send into the air, the ashy, red flakes descending like snow. Fallen into a bank of this precipitation, the wolf bleeds, a helpless whine emanating from its chest. Beside the creature, Stanley kneels, his fingers curling around the handle of his sword. Drawing the blade from the body, globs of its blood come pulsing out, a dark vomit congealing, mixing, into the dust of the earth.


Wolf Head
Part   1: The Job
Part   2: Foreboding
Part   3: Aftermath
Part   4: Into the Night
Part   5: The Struggle
Part   6: Expelled
Part   7: Out From the Bones
Part   8: Respite
Part   9: Sunset
Part 10: Transformation
Part 11: The Shepherd
Part 12: The Party
Part 13: The Wolf
Part 14: Partners
Part 15: Foreshadows
Part 16: Freedom
Part 17: Eavesdropping
Part 18: Resolve
Part 19: Men and Boys
Part 20: Caught
Part 21: Rescue
Part 22: Rescue
Part 23: Bough’s Shadow
Part 24: Moon Rise
Part 25: High Noon

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