Wolf Head: Dying Light

Check out the latest installment of Wolf Head:

Here is a snippet of the Chapter:

In the windowless shadows of a dim room where a small lamp casts a meagre orange light against the undecorated walls, twin cots, resting side by side, supported off of the dirt floor by wicker-weave frames, hold the dozing patients. As the last drops of the oil are spent, the pathetic flame apologetically flickers between the two beds, its glow waning to a sleepy ember. On the far wall from the cots, the only other thing of note, a door, stands closed, fastened tightly on the other side.


Wolf Head
Part   1: The Job
Part   2: Foreboding
Part   3: Aftermath
Part   4: Into the Night
Part   5: The Struggle
Part   6: Expelled
Part   7: Out From the Bones
Part   8: Respite
Part   9: Sunset
Part 10: Transformation
Part 11: The Shepherd
Part 12: The Party
Part 13: The Wolf
Part 14: Partners
Part 15: Foreshadows
Part 16: Freedom
Part 17: Eavesdropping
Part 18: Resolve
Part 19: Men and Boys
Part 20: Caught
Part 21: Rescue
Part 22: Rescue
Part 23: Bough’s Shadow
Part 24: Moon Rise
Part 25: High Noon
Part 26: Doppelganger

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