Rambling Nonsense

I am means I am not, for to be one thing thou cannot be another. I am here means I am not there.

Working from here, we wonder what I am, in the purest sense, then means. I am, emphatically, which must mean there are parts which I am not.

What am I not?

I am not a woman.

I am not dead.

I am not. . .

Those are all instances of what I am not, but to be, to say I am, I need say no more. When I say I am not, the fact that I say, means I exist, means I am, and therefore some qualifier proceeds. I am not (fill in the blank.) I am not, without something following, is nonsense.

Above is my poor defense of free will, but Dr. Peterson probably did a, better is obvious, an actually good job.


  1. How about, “I think, therefore I am.”? If true, is what I think an illusion? Is what I perceive with my five physical senses merely an expression of my mind? Are these perceptions merely shadows of a greater reality, a universe that we only perceive in part?


  2. If we look at free will from a purely Christian perspective it is not a matter of choosing this or that. If we accept the invitation of Christ and submit to the infusion of the Holy Spirit we become liberated from the burden of choice. No choice is true freedom from earthly bondage. We subordinate our will and walk in the Light and only in the Light. We may err and strive to reenergize ourselves to remain in concert with the New Covenant. But as I indicated this is from a Christian perspective within that framework exclusive of other plausibility structures. This Christian framework does not have commerce with secular, empirical or philosophical frameworks. With Peterson’s discussion the idea that we have free will but that it is not infinite but constrained seems sensible and he calls that a closed world which defines or characterizes free will as I described within Christian framework or that particular closed world unique to itself. His idea that free will may be expressed at a moment of thought but when the moment intersects with the moment of action the ensuing process of realization becomes increasingly deterministic as it evolves because of those constraints is also a realistic understanding. I am understanding the constraints to which he refers as political determinism, economic determinism, physiological/biological determinism, cultural determinism , et. al. My own studies were in theology (BA ’71, MA ’80) wherein I studied the determinism of predestination or God’s plan. Just recently at a Sunday school session the minister offered a definition of the Elect which was new to me: The elect are not those predetermined to inhabit heaven but those who have been chosen to preach and give testimony to the Gospel. Appreciate you visits/comment at my cartoon blog.


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