Wolf Head: Beginning Part 27

Here is an early, unedited look at part 27 of the Wolf Head Series.

The priestess found herself in utter darkness. The lamp had died and taken the world with it. Yet, one image still remained, burned in her mind, the dead, smiling face, the face that had been her face, her own self, declaring in her own voice: “You’re dead.”

Tachi would have screamed had she the breath, but she was suffocating, suffocating as her lungs filled with blood. With a loud creaking of hinges, bright white light flooded the room. Behind her, the door had fallen inward, and through it glorious day was shining. The room changed in the glow, the cots, the lamp, the doppelganger were all gone, all replaced, as the walls melted away into a familiar countryside.

Before her an old plastered wall reached up to her waist. It was topped by a series of interlocked white stones, all quite natural and unique in shape, all fitted together like a puzzle, all in their place. Looking down on this, she saw, dotting the flattened surface of pale rocks, spots of brownish batter. Gazing upon these, she watched as a few lazy bubbles pushed their way out of the cookies, slowly bulging and spreading only to burst in one sudden moment.

And as the pastries rose, a little brown hand, adorably fat as only a child’s hand can be, stretched its small fingers into the unseen gooey treat, smearing the uncooked cake as it pulled a chunk away, disappearing back around the other side of the wall.

Wolf Head
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Part 16: Freedom
Part 17: Eavesdropping
Part 18: Resolve
Part 19: Men and Boys
Part 20: Caught
Part 21: Rescue
Part 22: Rescue
Part 23: Bough’s Shadow
Part 24: Moon Rise
Part 25: High Noon
Part 26: Doppelganger


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