2018: Halloween

Well, the time has come: Halloween is upon us. In respects to my Halloween Declaration, I have completed a draft of Funeral Party, and plan on posting tomorrow after some edits. Tonight, however, I’ll leave you with a few pointers to some of my scary stories.

Cold Inside
Slowly, a man comes to grips with what he has done.

To Touch
A brief foray into Hell.

Let Us Go Into the Light
A zombie and vampire love story.

A ghost and a deserted world without day or night.

Bowels of Hell
A dream I had where I saw Hell.

Shooting Crows
A scavenger tries to survive no man’s land.

The Translator
From an unnamed jungle, the unspeakable horror speaks.

An agent with The Bureau of Clandestine Affairs confesses his crime.

The Carnival
A dialogue between a carnival freak and a recent attraction.

Death’s Sword
A man sacrifices himself to save his friends.

Grimsley Hole
A brief metrical poem about a ghost town.

The Werewolf’s Charge
A man is condemned as a werewolf.

Breach of Contract
What happens when you can’t fulfill your end of the deal.

By an Idiot
The entertaining ravings of a madman.
Episode   1: Mr. Clown
Episode   2: Egg Salad
Episode   3: Silver Linings
Episode   4: The Southside Strangler
Episode   5: The Devil and the Details
Episode   6: In the Stars
Episode   7: Friday the Thirteenth
Episode   8: What Is Love?
Episode   9: Going Mad
Episode 10: Twilit Musings
Episode 11: On Hunting Man
Episode 12: All You Need Is Fear?
Episode 13: Sayonara

Monster Poems
A series of poems exploring the transformation between human and monster.
Monster Poems:
Vampire’s Remorse
Werewolf’s End
Journey of the Zombie
Monster’s Name
Ghost’s Memories
Hyde’s Justice
Witches’ Desire
Gorgon’s Veil
Patience of the Skeleton
Necromancer’s Song
Wendigo’s Feast
Gargoyle’s Repentance
Banshee’s Wail
Jack’s Trick


The following works are incomplete, but fit the holiday.

The Werewolf Epic

The Eyes of God

Enjoy some Halloween themed music below:


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