You can rationally explain to yourself why something you believe is wrong and yet be unable to convince yourself of the fact. There are some things in which I know I’m wrong, but find myself incapable of changing my mind. This is weird.

I believe there is no such thing as authority, there are only guns and strength and cunning. Which is to say, an authority is only a person you fear. I believe this. I know that authority is real, that it exists outside of violence, but I don’t believe in authority.

My rational side says authority is based in love, is a recognition of another’s virtue to lead, and my emotional side says no one loves, that we all treat each other as tools and obstacles in pursuit of our own goals.

Which is right? Phenomenological evidence is no help; I can interpret events with both perspectives. Rationality champions one side, and just as deadly, the contender, Experience, trots in. So, the immortal enemies prepare to joust. They are at war in me, and I know not which will win.

Is there any dissonance inside yourself? Do you know one thing but believe another?


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