By the Sword: Rough Draft (A Job)

A Job

Section 1
Section 2

David looked over his shoulder again. The lean figure, walking backwards, slowly retreated deeper into the alley. As he approached a corner, it was as if tendrils of shadows weaved themselves into the fabric of his clothes. For a moment, only his face could be seen, floating, disembodied, in the darkness. As even this scarred visage faded away, the soldiers rounded the corner.

David turned on them, crouching like a cat. The company stood silently, the men lining up before the mouth of the alley, their arms poised, the tips of their sabers glinting in the setting sun. Behind this wall of men, the drummer boy shivered, his wandering gaze traveling past the marshaled men, past the bastard with his clenched fists, and finally settling on the dark corner of the alley. One of the soldiers stood before the men, pointing his saber at David.

“Bastard!” the soldier shouted.

As David’s tightening fists turned his knuckles white, his whole body trembled. With a mindless roar he came bounding forward, his arm pulled back to swing. A cold touch of steel on his chest retarded his progression, and the soldier continued:

“Here we are, looking for one bastard, and we find the wrong one.” He sneered at his captive, “Kneel.”

Even with the threat of the sword over his heart, David’s fist was still held high, ready to fall upon his enemy. His face was awash in passion, his cheeks burning bright red, his lips pulled tight in a snarl. His cold eyes stared unmoving into those of the soldier. They glared at each other, each one daring the other move.


By The Sword
Part   1: How it Began
Part   2: Questions
Part   3: The Blackness of the Sea
Part   4: Locks
Part   5: Out of Time
Part   6: Ariesland
Part   7: Shadow of the Sisyphus
Part   8: Swords
Part   9: The Eagle and the Lamb
Part 10: Confession
Part 11: Compiler’s Note
Part 12: Sermon on a Mount
Part 13: The Pier
Part 14: Mist


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