Essay: Ent-draught

Please read: Ent-draught

So, on a deadline, I just wrote an essay in one day. It’s short, but I hope it’s nice.


On the surface, Ephesians 5:18 seems to be the perfect memory verse to inculcate the youths against the temptations of drink: “Do not be drunk with wine” seems rather clear. Yet, the whole of the verse sets this idea of drunkenness against another theme, and so, instead of concluding on some note of literal sobriety, of merely watching one’s blood-alcohol content, the Ephesians are instructed that they should instead be “filled,” that is, in the place of filling oneself with wine, the Christian should fill himself “with the Spirit.”

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  1. Being drunk on the Holy Spirit is something that not everyone comes to embrace. I’m one of those people, my husband is one of those people and his father is a Baptist minister.

    I didn’t attend church faithfully growing up unless I went to church with my grandmother( if you stayed the weekend over her house, you were expected at church on Sunday). Her church was notorious for having “praise hour” where the organ and the word from pastor got you out your seat. I would clap, that was all I did; never did the spirit hit me. I felt out of place because I wanted to feel what others felt when they were running, jumping, or falling out; but alas never happened.

    When I met my husband, I found out that he never had the Holy Spirit hit him either( I thought it was funny because his dad was a pastor. How wouldn’t you get hit by the Spirit?) He too was a clapper, a cryer at the most. That’s when I knew you don’t have to get hit by the HS to know the HS.

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