The Devil

After reading Childhood’s End, I was overtaken by the marvelous depiction of the devil. The aliens, which we learn are the germ of our cultural ideas of devils, slowly encroach upon the norms of society: generation by generation they guide humanity further from the individual sovereign man, that is, from the exemplary life Jesus lived out, leading mankind to the tragic realization that the last generation has no identity, no heart, falls below the dignity of animal and becomes cells in some alien body. Humanity, then, is digested by the ruler/god of the alien-demons, and those who are left fall into madness and despair.

This, however, was probably not the argument of the author. He meant the title, Childhood’s End, meant that the infantile concept of individuality should pass away into nirvana. I take this as evidence the story is a truly great story, that there is some beautiful, fundamental truth people from diverse perspectives can appreciate here. That, or I’m just a sci-fi nerd.



  1. So, Agonson flaunts his doctorate, eh? Has he ever admitted to anyone that he has never performed surgery–not successful* surgery, I mean–on anyone? Didn’t think so.

    *Further defined by the patient recovering or living (long) afterward.

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    1. I still count the surgery as successful. Just because the patient wasn’t alive afterwards didn’t mean the patient was dead,. They were still walking around, after all, moaning for brains.


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