Cities in Orbit

The great cities have forgotten their mystery. In the airborne skyscrapers no one recalls the time before, recalls the harsh world escaped. But the dreamer dreams, and his thoughts alight: into the sky he’ll fly. Like some lost sailor, tempest tossed, he’ll away to Pandraz where the mysteries were first discerned.

The cities sink, but his balloon will lift them yet.

for further information…

(Life has occurred in such a manner as to make a normal post impossible. That is, I have been taken away from the quiet room and computer where I normally write and have penned this over my tablet. Please enjoy, and excuse any egregious grammatical errors.)



  1. Ok, Doctor. Holy shit (excuse my language). Sit down. I just went to your page bc I saw your comment on my latest post. I wanted to read and get updated on your recent posts I missed. And I scrolled a little and looked and saw this and I got chills bc…well…maybe it doesn’t seem as cool to you but my latest post was about a city that exists above some invisible membrane in the sky. Maybe the idea was in the ether or something. I just thought it was a really cool coincidence. Idk. Maybe I’m weird.

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