Preparing for bed, I was gripped by a sudden panic, realizing I hadn’t put together a post for tonight. Scrambling, I cannot think of anything to write on such short notice. Forgive me then, as I hurriedly engage in a stream of consciousness.

Everyone will die, a pressing fact that ought not to be forgotten. Before one dies, one feels the need to do something worthwhile. This can be starting a family, producing great art, devoting oneself to charity, discovering some truth, mastering a topic, etc. We intrinsically feel the need to accomplish something in life, or at least I do. I have a friend who ostensibly doesn’t. His life seems to be nothing more than work and videogames, and there seems to be no drive in him toward anything else. It’s like he’s dead already.

Necromancy interests me, especially as it relates to mythology. One must journey into the Underworld and talk to the ghost of his father. Odysseus made blood sacrifices to the ghost of Tiresias. Why does it feel so correct to have the hero descend into the darkness before the story can be resolved?

And that’s it, I’m falling asleep. If anyone asks, this post never happened. Consider it a placeholder that will never be redeemed.



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