Wolf Head: Dying Light

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Here is a snippet of the Chapter:

The ghostly shape approaches, a pale and colorless image of herself walking down the footpath, coming to her where she lay gasping for breath. Her heavy lungs will not scream, and her tired limbs will not flee. The doppelganger smiles, the lips pulling back as if the very skin of her face were drying out, being stretched tighter and tighter about the skull.

“Come with me,” she hears her own voice call in a high playful tone, calling from that dreadful apparition though the duplicate’s lips give no sign of movement. The creature reaches out a pale, bloodless hand toward Tachi. As those slim fingers draw closer and closer to her, Tachi tries to force out some note, some slight magic, to fight off this deathly ambassador. No music comes, but above her, lifeless on her deathbed, her body gurgles, coughing a little splatter of blood from her lungs. She can almost feel a crimson bead’s gradual descent from the corner of her lips down her cheek.


Wolf Head
Part   1: The Job
Part   2: Foreboding
Part   3: Aftermath
Part   4: Into the Night
Part   5: The Struggle
Part   6: Expelled
Part   7: Out From the Bones
Part   8: Respite
Part   9: Sunset
Part 10: Transformation
Part 11: The Shepherd
Part 12: The Party
Part 13: The Wolf
Part 14: Partners
Part 15: Foreshadows
Part 16: Freedom
Part 17: Eavesdropping
Part 18: Resolve
Part 19: Men and Boys
Part 20: Caught
Part 21: Rescue
Part 22: Rescue
Part 23: Bough’s Shadow
Part 24: Moon Rise
Part 25: High Noon
Part 26: Doppelganger
Part 27: The Calling
Part 28: Reborn


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