The Werewolf Epic (Red Riding Hood’s Prayer)

Read: The Werewolf Epic

The Addition:

The calls rise up anew, the bitter cries
ascending with the filthy stench. The wolf
continues, dead to all the world save for
one startling snort. Its guts begin to ooze
out as the hairy hide divides. Opened,
the darkness of the werewolf’s horrid pit,
the deepness of the gloomy prison cell
within that dreadful beast, is thus revealed.

Her voice is heard; weeping the girl cries out:
O God, where have you gone? Where is your light?
I am ashamed: It took a loving form,
but from me robbed my vestments dear. Bereaved,
betrayed, hopeless, please send some sign to one
once loved by you. Cannot my modesty
you yet return? But still, in brokenness,
with nothing left, I will yet come to you.
Though I lie down in death, I worship you.


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