Out of Heaven

He felt the ship hit the atmosphere, rebounding against the strange planet’s sky. The small fighter began to spiral in an unmanageable chaos. For a brief moment, the pilot saw the firestorm above, the two warships exploding in a catastrophic blaze. Then his ship turned over, and he saw the fertile lands below. Between these two sights, the ship spun until all was a blur of red fire and green fields: Green overgrowing red; red burning up green.

The computer’s alarms were blaring, and finally, the override was engaged. With a sudden start, the pilot was shot out from his cockpit. Twisting and turning in the rushing air, he felt the shockwave of his overloaded engine bursting.

Drifting through the blue sky, he felt the asphyxiating thinness of the air slowly stealing his consciousness away as the world below him lost all distinctness, becoming a diffused blur of colors fading into darkness.

The shoot opened automatically, and the natives watched the alien fall into their world, gently tossed about in the breeze, his limp form finally collapsing into the earth.


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