Re: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Please Read: Dear Friend:
Jesus Died and is Alive


I find, after some reflection, that there is now really only one point, one subject, upon which I see a need for comment. It is also the most controversial point. Please then, understand that I must now disagree with you. I do so in all honesty, and I further hope, though offense may be unavoidable, our common goals will be effective bonds between us. So, in true affection, I must dissent from the Quran’s teaching regarding the death and resurrection of Jesus (as far as you’ve outlined it for me).

There are three points supporting my belief in the resurrection of Jesus: Biblical testimony, historic claims, and personal experience. Before I go into these, I want to express the whole argument: Jesus claimed to be God; to prove His claim, He died and was resurrected. Now, as you said, we both believe that miracles have been performed by men, that is, God has chosen to do miracles through people like Moses and Jesus. So, why would Christ’s resurrection be proof of his divinity? What is the correlation?

To answer this question, let us now consider the Book of Exodus. In chapter four, Moses is concerned that the Israelites will not believe him regarding the message of God. God then gives Moses three signs, three miracles, by which he may prove to the Israelites the veracity of the message. Carrying this idea forward, we might consider what point the miracles of Jesus served.

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