Bible and Art

In an application, I was asked: How do you plan to incorporate your Bible and Theology courses into your future, either professionally, personally, or both?

My response:

In one sense, I feel I have already answered this in the above paragraphs. Professionally, I hope, I pray, that I will be able to incorporate the truths of theology and the Bible into fiction, or better yet, hope that I will be able to share the truths I learn through the medium of story. Whereas I fear that becoming a professional writer is little more than a pipe dream, I find I am driven to write. I hope, I pray, that whatever poor attempts I make to expound upon truth, God will smile upon it.

Personally, the Bible, and the study of it, is rewarding; I obtain pleasure as well as edification from studying the scriptures. Moreover, this pleasure, this edification, is of a transcendent quality: I grow closer to God as I study His word, and to this, the ancillary benefits pale.


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