Something From the Archives

I caught a matinee showing of Avengers: Endgame, as well as a cold. The movie was great, as far as I could see/hear between sneezes. Go see it; no spoilers here, just go see it!

Anyway, I’m braindead right now, and can’t really focus on much. In light of this, I’m searching the archives:

I question the truth? Truth cannot be questioned, only our reason.  I question the reason, why? Do you know why? That’s a good question. I wish I knew. Do you know? Oh, you don’t. I ran around in circles; I asked myself why not. Well I wasn’t happy, I’m not happy, but I didn’t know that when I was busy running in circles. We could run in circles together, would you like that? Oh. Well I’m not happy. I’m getting up. I’m not happy up here. Would you come up with me? Oh, okay. I’ll come down. Where’d you go? Please come back, I’m alone. Do you know what I’m looking for? I wish you would go in circles with me, I think I could be happy then. Where are you?


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