Riddle Me This

I don’t know if I have mentioned this on my blog, but I am a huge fan of riddles. Anyway, creating one’s own riddles is rather hard, but I suppose not impossible. Please enjoy.

See if you know me:
Can you find my name?
A terror to my namesake,
Ready, they fear, to pounce.
Every day I stand in the field
Clothed in old hand-me-downs.
Read my name if you can.
Only straw, I must confess.
What am I?

Too easy? If only I had a brain for this sort of thing. Anyway, this may serve as a hint.


  1. “You dog, Ramsley!” Do I make my meaning clear? I believe the “soldiers of the king fear his name,” yes? Just out out curiosity, did you borrow some green out of the “green gnu deal” for that lovely green question marque?


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