Short Poem: Under the Sun

Though beauty surround me everywhere,
and all the birds are singing in the air,
though far the woes of all my life
are scattered, gone is all my strife,
it still within me burns, a flame,
a dreaded, long, eternal pain.
I cannot escape, I cannot reclaim
that which was lost for all my gain.

I’ll go away into the night,
I go to end this long fought fight,
and I will take with me your name;
I will hold it without shame.
Everywhere is nowhere now,
and night and day are one.
And though I’m lost, believe somehow
I’ll find my way under the sun.


  1. Knew weeks ago I’d be in your area today, but said nothing, as I wanted to surprise you. Knocked at the door of your . . . well, your lean-to about 2:00 this afternoon. Put the stethoscope you once gave me up to the board that looked closest to solid to listen for your usual scurry just before shouting to me that you’re not home. Hearing neither your voice nor your scamper, thought your skill at evading me was improving. Caught my return flight and made it more than halfway home in admiration of your fine game-play before I saw the post above and realized you probably really were away. Good for you for getting out! Good for you for having friends–or did you crash another wedding? (I could have brought you food had I known the larder was that low. Are you still eating vegetarian/s?)

    Hint: Area 2
    : but-said-nothing-as
    : you’re lean, too-lean
    : 200 prime ministers!
    : (medical) board
    : 2 solid; 4 your curry
    : Yew knot home
    : Hearing skill evading me
    : Caught halfway fine B4
    : Saw door post (and not dust for prints!)
    : Saw[ed] the post above you away (ha, ha, ha)
    : Ambrose short for Ambrosia
    : Each one is eight touches, eight clicks; eight spaces
    : Getting out good
    : Ford/s you crash (though that’s stretching it, I admit)
    : Garden burger vs Man patties



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