Death of Freedom

I find two tigers circling each other, each growling terrible threats. One says it undermines our freedom, to take the symbol and destroy it. I tremble, seeing its fangs bared as it speaks. The other slashes the air, and I feel with sickening dread what those claws might do, imagine their flesh rending power. It answers quickly, but freedom is freedom. How can it be given and taken at the same time?

They circle each other inside me, and I have no idea which shall prevail. I fear, though for more than myself do I fear, that the freedom each one defends will be destroyed if they should ever cease to posture and finally meet in battle. Whichever bloody victor might prevail, freedom must then be defeated.


  1. So Zeus feared the paradoxical implications of their predicament, he turned them to stone. Frozen in light. Separated by night. How lonely they must be to share the same body and removed of their senses.

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