A Nightmare

I had a spectacular nightmare which filled me with such fear I was senseless as I started awake. No form of invented media can match the horror of a true nightmare, but it was just “indigestion,” I’m sure.

The visions of my head had an element of an SCP. I dreamed that a pair of children had gone missing, and that photographs of the area, some abandoned place full of odds and ends, showed children out of focus, hidden in the corners, which none of the searchers seemed to see. The strange thing was that the child seen in the corner of the photograph was dressed as a pilgrim.

And an agent, whether he was with the SCP or not I do not know, was sent to investigate. I followed the dream thereafter in his POV. The agent wandered the abandoned place, eventually spying the pilgrim child. This ghost or demon held power in the day, but like most good horror creatures was bound by some arbitrary rule: he could only affect you if you had something red on your person. Unfortunately for the agent, he held in his hands two red painting pails, and had to stay under the threat of the creature’s consuming fire until night fell. (It was here, with all the subtlety of a fourth wall break, that some narration informed me that the child/demon/ghost was sent to the farthest point away from earth. It told me this in a manner suggesting that the whole situation had already been dealt with and I was just learning about something which had already happened).

The next morning, still within my dream, the agent returned. He entered the abandoned church. Now, a rule had been realized in dealing with this entity. He would take no notice of you until you had been “impressed” by something. Afterwards, the rules regarding the day and the color red applied. And so, the agent set up an impressive show, unicycling while playing some strange instrument. Once the show was over, he saw upon the counter a large, old bible sitting in the dust. Thumping this with his knuckles, he remarked that this would have impressed him enough.

The child, the thing, was there, and the agent beckoned it over. It came out in modern dress, wearing a polo shirt, a red polo, and acting like it was just a kid who had wandered in. The agent grabbed it by the collar and told the thing it was going back to Hell. (An action decidedly not in keeping with the goals of the SCP). The thing’s face changed into a dreadful visage (it was reminiscent of the vampire face in Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

And so I awoke, uneasy, feeling as if I were being watched. The dream itself made little sense but was filled with hints of meaning. The day before I had seen a large, old bible, and been “impressed” by the sight. Red is my all-time favorite color. And when my mind considers the shape and form of the demon, it was that the child looked rather like myself at that age.

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