What I’m Reading

I sick

I cannot word today

Go away

There are many better writers than me anyway

Go read one of them

Head to the library, check something out

You want suggestions?

Well, currently I’ve been working on a few books

And they are all in the public domain

You don’t even have to leave your house

You won’t even have to google it yourself

I already did


  1. Dear Kalliope,

    No, I am sure he stayed home. As his self-appointed defense attorney, I must protest your claim. (Besides, isn’t this your signed non-disclosure form before me?)


  2. Seriously, I am being invited to write a 3rd reply to your post? This is too rich! No, no, really! I must humbly decline your generous offer. I was flattered, though, that you asked. Considered actually doing it, but then realized the words I contemplated would have amounted to a mere declination anyway, which would be oxymoronic in its very nature! No, I feel I must be firm. The answer is no!


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