A Leaf

A leaf will often take the indirect path down, spinning as it falls, turning or spiraling; it may even move upward again, caught in a rising draft or seesawing in the still air, but it is always falling. I cannot say one way wiser than the next to reach the ground, but must point out that it is a pleasant sight to see, and sit and watch, to rest beside a tree and find the falling leaves all taking their different paths to the earth. What prompts them? A breeze or time? I know not. But I watch the world.

1 Comment

  1. Yes, I have often envisioned myself laying carefree on the ground beneath a great maple–sometimes the leaves green, sometimes red and falling–eating the world’s best Canadian bacon and tomato pizza. In fact, I’m in Canada. I am in Canada on a cool, mostly clear, breeze day, everybody in the world is at peaceful love with every other person in the world, and dogs don’t barge through the park defiling or stealing pizza. Ah!

    And “end to all perfection”? Probably, but tell me later.


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