Rant: The Double Edge of Truth

I’m hurt. I mean, I have spent hours writing, giving up sleep and fellowship, without any exact reason, posting things to my blog because I am not well. I doubt any blogger is well, or any writer, or musician, or anyone who pursues art of any kind. Here you find a testament to my beginning scrawls; I write out of some need, some madness.

I desire horror stories because I can’t handle real horror.

I desire art because I cannot yet see the truth.

What medicine is there for my condition?

I am afraid of something, and I am so afraid that I cannot let myself know what it is. I cannot know yet. So is my bedraggled confession. It’s hardly a post, to be honest. I’ve been holding out against some demons, and I hope the time for light is soon.


  1. Dear friend. I wonder how much is meant as rhetoric, and how much is really you (in relation to this auditorium of WordPress, where we are all enacting out some part in the ethereal theatre)

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  2. Praying for you Dr. Agonson. I have struggled with, perhaps, some of the things you are struggling with and have found solutions. I know someone in your neck of the woods who has helped me. Blessings to you.


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