Short Poem: All Alone

So, funny story, my car broke down on the side of the road. I, in turn, cannot make it home to write a regular post. As such, we’ll all have to make do with a brief attempted poetry from my overheated car.

It’s not that I’m alone,
it’s that no one around
appears to be the same;
I find no one like me.
There are the tall and short,
I see them, fat and thin,
but no where do I find
a heart which beats like mine.
And darkened eyes can’t see,
my trembling lips can’t call,
and in my own darkness
I’m always here, alone.

1 Comment

  1. Hello Dr. Agonson! I too have struggled with not finding anyone similar to myself. I’ve had difficulty making connections or finding commonality with anyone. The good news is that I no longer feel the need to find that special soul mate. That’s not what’s important in life. The two most important things in life are loving God and loving others. Koinonia or fellowship is defined as much by serving one another than in cultivating elusive relational connections. If a deep connection occurs during the course of fellowship, then that’s just frosting on the cake.


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